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Igniting curiosity

and imagination – as well as tastebuds.

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Values we live every day.

Our core values are as important to us as they are to you, as they guide everyone at Citrea on how we do things. This speaks volumes about the mindset and behaviours of everyone who works for us – whether that's our Citrea central team or our people working within the schools we serve.

Educate through food.

We’re about encouraging exploration and learning through all things food. Inspiring children to eat fresh, healthy, nutritious food, so they are energised, motivated and better able to learn and play.

Educate through food HRES Crop

We create ‘teachable moments’, sharing food stories, working with you to link food learning to the curriculum and the wider world around us. We help every child understand food, how it grows, where it comes from, how to cook it and why it’s so important for our health, growth and development.

HRes Crop Lunch isn't just Lunch
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Rewarding curiosity.

We value the everyday ritual of bringing children together around a table for mealtimes. Giving them time and space to share food, ask questions, learn from us and each other. The opportunity to connect with others and build their social skills as well as friendships.

Helping them work things out and inspire each other to try new things. “I tried a porcini mushroom today.” Igniting imaginations as well as tastebuds.

HRes CROP Flip Rewarding Curiosity

Listening and caring.

As partners, we work to the rhythm of your school, recognising that every school is different. Going above and beyond to build a great relationship by listening, being helpful and easy to talk to. Our people are self-leaders who take ownership and operate as valued members of your team, taking the right decisions and actions to support your school.

Blending in with your school culture is important, so if you prefer our brand isn't visible, that's fine with us. We at Citrea build that close working relationship deeper by calling in to see you regularly for a chat to discuss ideas and discover what else we can be doing to support your aims.

HRes Hands Dough Working together

No Surprises.

We work honestly and openly with you as partners, sharing ideas and information to get you the best possible value and results.

Trust is earned by owning it, so we deliver what we promise. We hold ourselves accountable, and if things don’t go as planned, we communicate quickly, think on our feet and effect change, all the while embracing the opportunity for learning and improvement.

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Agile and innovative.

Unusually for a school catering company, we’re independently owned and managed. This gives us the freedom to be super-flexible and customise our offer to suit your school’s exact needs. It also means we can move at speed and adapt to any day-to-day challenges or unforeseen circumstances that arise – unhampered.

HRes Crop Canapes Agile & Innovative

We value community.

We are focused on your school community and being part of your wider community, wherever possible drawing on local suppliers including butchers, bakers and greengrocers. Buying products sourced and produced on your doorstep makes a massive difference to the well-being of children, families, schools and communities. It makes you part of something greater, which not only gives back but betters everyone.

HRes Crop Value Community Butcher
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We do the right thing.

We all have a moral obligation to teach children where food comes from and how it is grown, which means we have to hold that mirror up to ourselves.

Everyone has the power to make a difference. The
shared purpose and values that unite all of us here at
Citrea are built on respect for the health and
well-being of the schools we serve, your local
communities and ultimately, our planet.